As with any service, you should be sure to do what you can to make sure things go smoothly. This includes communicating any specific requirements and any obstacles including but not limited to – rough terrain, flights of stairs, or parking peculiarities.

  • For Packing Services: Make sure any items you are not having MoveBox pack are out of the way. Provide a clear area for packers to safely box and wrap your items for transport.
  • For Assembly/Disassembly Services: Make sure that the area that the item(s) are being assembled/disassembled is clear of clutter and ready to be worked in. Ensure the items are emptied or cleared out before the mover arrives.
  • For Loading Services: Make sure there is a clear path for the movers to move about with anything that needs to be loaded

If you are taking advantage of a full service MoveBox move, you can discuss all of your requirements directly with Customer Service or your Mover.